Agency Technology CommitteeAgency Technology Committee

Volunteer committee which monitors industry developments and recommends new products and procedures to help agency members improve operating efficiency and customer service using technology. Committee members are asked to participate in virtual demos or presentations to vet potential technology solutions that may be recommended or endorsed by IIANC.

Audit CommitteeAudit Committee

Standing committee which has oversight responsibility to assure the fiscal and operational integrity of the Association. The committee annually contracts for and receives an independent audit of the Association’s financial transactions and reports its findings and recommendations in writing to the Board.

Diversity & Inclusion CommitteeDiversity & Inclusion Committee

Volunteer committee charged with providing IIANC direction and suggestions on being a more inclusive organization and increasing minority participation within the association. Current initiatives of the Diversity Committee include the Diversity Scholarship and starting the HBCU Agency Internship Experience in 2021-22.

Executive CommitteeExecutive Committee

The Executive Committee is a standing committee of the Board of Directors and consists of the Chairman, Chairman-Elect, Secretary/Treasurer, Immediate Past Chairman, and the IIABA Director. The committee has general supervision and responsibility for the affairs of the Association between meetings of the Board of Directors on those matters when it is not feasible to convene the Board of Directors. All matters acted upon by the Executive Committee are reviewed at the first meeting of the entire Board immediately after action is taken by the Executive Committee as the Board’s first order of business. The CEO assists and serves the Executive Committee as required or needed. The Executive Committee is responsible for an annual assessment and review of the Chief Executive Officer’s performance.

Finance CommitteeFinance Committee

Standing committee which relates the Association's financial needs to current operations and long range goals. The committee works in conjunction with the CEO to prepare and review an annual budget for the Association. The budget should be shared with the Board prior to the Summer Board Meeting for approval at that meeting for the following fiscal year.

Governance & Leadership CommitteeGovernance & Leadership Committee

Standing committee of the board comprised of the four (4) most recent past Chairmen and the current Chairman of the Board. The committee is responsible for selecting and recommending for nomination and election the officers and members of the Board of Directors. The committee also annually orients and trains new directors as to their duties and responsibilities.

Government Affairs CommitteeGovernment Affairs Committee

Volunteer committee which assists in the development of IIANC's legislative program and recommends it for approval to the Board of Directors in a complete and timely manner. Committee members are active in lobbying efforts including the IIABA National Legislative Conference and in the NC General Assembly as well as fundraising efforts for the association's PACs.

iLEAD CommitteeiLEAD Committee

Volunteer committee which actively recruits the involvement of iLEAD members (Young Agents) in the affairs of the Association and works to develop leadership and networking in the iLEAD community. This is an active, hands-on committee that helps plan, facilitate and recruit involvement for various iLEAD events and programs including the Young Agents Development Conference, IIANC Charity Golf Tournament, philanthropic activities, local networking events, etc. The iLEAD Committee is open to member agents and PARTNER company reps age 41 and under or with less than five years industry experience. 

Membership Engagement CommitteeMembership Engagement Committee

Volunteer committee which assists the IIANC staff in increasing association engagement among agency members. Committee members assist during the onboarding of new members through a welcome ambassador program and help to increase engagement with current members through outreach programs via phone calls, email, events, etc.